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The Urban product range includes the following machinery and equipment for small, medium and large production lines



corner cleaning machines

handling equipment

screw drivers

welding corner cleaning combi centre

testing devices

rod machining

metal fitting assembly

glass bonding

welding machines


additional products


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Plant models for the following number of window units per day:

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New Machines In Stock 


WS 103 Water drainage (slot) router

Price: $7,900 plus GST ex. factory Emu Plains



Used Machines In Stock


GLSP 200 N/S-AV Glazing bead saw - pneumatic, including infeed roller conveyor

Price: $ 9,900 plus GST ex. factory Emu Plains 




AKS 4200 double head welder - 2.0mm welding seam

Price: $9,900 plus GST ex. factory Emu Plains


SVA 21 Corner cleaner and end miller
Make: Urban
Year: 2008

Condition: pre-owned, used briefly, more like a demo model
Price: $ 6,000 plus GST, ex. factory Emu Plains NSW


 With automatic end miller for PVC window profiles or similar. With automatic turn-­off     of machine at power failure, electro-­pneumatic control, electronically controlled   motor brake. Corner cleaning machine with automatic profile taking in, quick change  bushing 32 mm diameter, counter-­clockwise, cutting shaft accommodation for a set of cutters (max. disk diameter 230 mm). Triple cutting depth stop, adjustable cutting  speed, grooving knife top and bottom. Automatic end miller -­ rotation  clockwise/counter-­ clockwise reversible, stepless 60°-­90°-­22.5°, pneumatic    clamping device, adjustable cutting speed, aluminium sheet protection.    

Stepless 60°-­ 90°-­ 22.5°.       


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Urban single head welder AKS1105

Price: $7,500 plus GST ex. factory Emu Plains NSW


Urban sliding table 13 S 200

Price: $700 plus GST ex. factory Emu Plains NSW


- new with scratches and paint blemishes

- with new brushes OR mushrooms

- measurements: width 1300 mm x length 2000 mm x height 800-950mm


MGM GBS 150/P Glazing bead saw 

Price: $3,900 plus GST ex. factory Emu Plains NSW


ABM Drilling machine for concealed hinges

Make: Goetzinger

Year: 1996

Condition: pre-owned

Price: $1,000 plus GST, ex. factory Emu Plains NSW


Mullion Cutter
Make: Selecta

Year: Early 1990s

Condition: pre-owned

Price: $500 plus GST, ex. factory Emu Plains NSW


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