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Hornschuch AG is the surface specialist, manufacturer and marketer of high-tech, superior-design foils and imitation leathers under the brands d-c-fix® and skai®. Konrad Hornschuch AG was founded in Germany 1898. The main production site has around 1000 employees currently at an annual turnover of more than 200 million Euros; the company is one of the market leaders in the area of surface design.

EXTERIOR RANGE including uPVC Profile Foils


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All Exterior skai® products are equipped with the innovative "cool colors" technology. This considerably reduces the heating-up of the window profiles in bright sunshine. Special color pigments reflect up to 80 percent of the radiation in the near infrared range, so that the heating-up of the profile surfaces is reduced by 20 percent or more - effectively for up to 15 degrees Celsius. cool colors has been developed in collaboration with our partners and has proven its worth for many years in the market.