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New Starter Machine in the Cutting Machine Range 

New DGU 500 Double Mitre Saw 


The new double mitre saw of Urban is equipped with a 500 mm saw blade and can be operated in a semi-automated mode.  The right saw head can be adjusted manually.  Both heads are adjustable to 45° to the outside and 30° to the inside and therefore allow a wide variety of different cuts.  The standard version includes an extra support rack for long work pieces, a digital measuring device and two vertical and two horizontal clamps.  A 6 m long version is available on request. Brochure...

 DGU500.jpg - large


New Overlap Saw SSMV 


The overlap saw STS of Urban allows the removal of the overlap at the sash.  The machine base has been inclined by 10° in order to be more operator friendly.  The SSMV is equipped with a powerful plunge saw on linear slides.  The clamping of the sash takes place pneumatically thanks to a number of adjustable clamps.  The maintenance unit is equipped with a filter pressure regulator and an automated drainage system.  A great variety of sash sizes can get machined.  Special sizes are available on request.  Accessories are optionally available such as a suction unit, an assembly device or additional clamps for the bottom assembly station. 



CNC Corner Cleaning Unit SV 840 becomes a Super Star


The SV 840 CNC corner cleaning unit triumphs worldwide with an extremely fast cycle time of below 60 seconds, according to the number of processing axis and therefore adjusts perfectly to the given cycle time of the welding lines. 



EB-SV 840 (Corner Bracket Drill Unit)


As of now, the corner bracket dill unit is also available for the SV 840 CNC corner cleaner.  The corner bracket drill unit handles all necessary drillings for the corner bracket at the sash.  Two drillings get realised in only one step.  Thanks to a special scanning unit the position of the drillings always gets carried out at the correct spot.  This guarantees the adherence of all necessary tolerances.  



SZO-SV 840 (Cutting Clamp TOP – With Changeable Blades)

NEW Solution for Middle Sealing Limitations


With the cutting clamp, the excess weld seam of various sealings, especially middle sealing systems, get cut off.  The new unit SZO of Urban solves the problems with the limitation of middle sealings.  In addition to that is the SZO unit very maintenance friendly as not the complete cutting clamp needs to get exchanged but the blades can get exchanged separately.  So the machine is adjustable to a new cutting contour at any time.  



One welder provides for all your welding needs 


AKS 5550 welding machine


Do you need a reliable and flexible welding machine that covers most of your welding needs? AKS 5550 - a variable triple-head and four-head welding machine for angle and transom/cross welding will do just that. It’s main features are pneumatic head adjustment for the different transom widths and individual adjustment of all welding parameters such as welding temperature, heat-up time, fusing pressure, joining pressure, joining time and clamping pressure. The heating elements are mounted on top and the welding seam limitation is from 0.2mm to 2.0mm. For more information view the machine brochure. 

AKS5550_grau.jpg - large




Urban: Not Possible is not Possible


Here Everything Matches


Since the beginning, the engineers at Urban attach the greatest importance to all machine models being compatible with each other. This means that all models of one series can get combined. 


This allows the window producer the luxury to switch from a manual to a semi-automated or fully
automated production at any time without making a large investment. A machine change can take place step-by-step, according to the possibilities of the customer without influencing the existing production cycle. So all Urban welding machines of the single head line such as AKS 1150, 1120, 3610 work well together with the single head line corner cleaners SV 280/290, SV 305, SV 405/410.  The same goes for the multi-head series. The welding machine models AKS 3950, 5300, 5500 and the AKS 6250, 6400 6600 (4-6-8 heads) and the special models AKS 6900 with I-Pos function suit perfectly to the multi-head corner cleaning models SV 430, 530, SV 815, SV 840 and SV 800.


No matter whether a new machine is added, exchanged or a production gets modernised or the capacities need to get extended - with the machine series of Urban, everything is possible and it’s quite a fun to mix!

SV430_mW_grau_April2011.jpg - large

The Maximum for the Minimum


CNC Double-Head Corner Cleaning Unit SV 840 of Urban


The new CNC corner cleaning unit SV 840 made by Urban has become a real start among the PVC window production machines. The SV 840 is indeed extraordinary in respect tot eh processing of minimum measurements. 


This is where the SV 840 corner cleaner is a clear stand out compare to all other models available in this segment. On SV 840, both processing heads can work at the same time, even when processing minimum measurements. This is unique! The result for the window producer is that the cycle time remains the same. No cycle time changes will occur, no matter how small or large the element is that needs to be processed. 


The Urban engineers intentionally designed this corner cleaning mode without a turntable for the new window elements. The new and innovative set up of the SV 840 allows a fast cleaning process without turning of the frame. The processing aggregates move around the window unit and the unit no longer needs to get turned. Due to this unit protecting process, the window frames no longer have to handle any unnecessary production exposure. Even very small profiles can be easily handled. 


The machine set-up has an extra open design which reduces the maintenance intervals of the machine considerably and enables the operator to have easy access to all machine areas. Additionally, the CNC corner cleaner does not require much space and delivers high output. The advanced and sophisticated set up of both tool aggregates allows the installation of large special units such as an ESB corner bracket drill unit without losing any other tool places. Due to these technological advances, the SV 840 distinguishes itself considerably from other corner cleaning models. 

SV840_1.1_ohneSchrank.jpg - large




A Top-Performer Among the Sash Assembly Units


The New URBAN FBA 2500/2 


With the new sash assembly unit FBA 2500/2, Urban has another “must have” in its production line. This innovative machine set up allows a space and time saving processing variant in the sash assembly field and offers several new processing options. A Windows controller with a graphic display guarantees an easy and comfortable operation. 


Unlike other fully automated sash assembly units available on the market, Urban created a new machine concept where the sash elements no longer get turned on the FBA 2500/2. This means that both CNC controlled axis are no longer fixed in one position and the sash gets turned accordingly but that the processing aggregates move around the sash elements. Thanks to this new technology, the sash assembly unit FBA 2500/2 is a top performer as the processing takes place independently from the machine operator and the assembly unit can therefore always work to its full capacity. Work and process operations are perfectly synchronised and so no unnecessary delays arise. Additionally, because the elements no longer need to get turned, possible vibrations or scratches that could be caused otherwise, are prevented and thus this machine guarantees an error free process. 

FBA_2502_grau_April21.4.jpg - large

The new clamping system on FBA 2500/2


Another technical highlight on this machine is the completely newly designed clamping system where the elements no longer get fixed from the inside. So it allows the processing of all kinds of balcony doors with filling or already glazed frames. This increases the processing possibilities enormously. 


The machine also has excellent transport mechanism supported by wide belts. Optionally, the sash frame can be moved towards the machine operator or is transported linearly to the automated de-stacking unit. All kinds of metal fittings and profile systems can be processed with the FBA 2500/2. Especially interesting option on this model enables the manufacturer to mix different materials in their production e.g. uPVC, timber and aluminium profiles can be processed equally. This material mix is not available on other models. 


Automated Allocation of Frame and Sash


Logistic Software makes FBA 2500/2 a Perfect All-a-rounder.


The available logistic software of the Urban sash assembly unit FBA 2500/2 automatically handles all necessary adjustments. So for example the sash is scanned which results in an automatic adjustment of all different drilling axis and drilling depths via data set. Also the  screw connection of the corner bracket is effected by the automatic adjustment and no longer needs to be carried out as a separate work step.


The screw length in the infeed units is controlled and the complete process is monitored and any error reports are produced the PC. 


At any time, these Urban stations can be added to FBA 2500/2:


  • sash assembly station FAS 250 or 320 with controlled length stop
  • BMT 2500 pre-assembly table for the insertion of metal fitting parts
  • tilt table ST 1600 for the sash outfeed after the metal fitting unit, optionally with a de-stacking shelf ASR


The outfeed of the sashes can be aligned vertically or horizontally according to the individual production requirements. Thanks to the logistic software, an automated frame and sash allocation can be performed. 


The FBA 2500/2 is available as a stand alone machine or can get integrated into a fully automated production line.


Due to its innovative design, speed, flexibility and space saving, the sash assembly unit FBA 2500/2 is an excellent addition to the Urban machinery range, that makes a uPVC window production a dream.