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Company Böhme-Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG products range includes teflon (PTFE) release sheets, PTFE sheets, conveying belts, baking sheets and different semi-products of PTFE, PTFE/compound, PCTFE and HT plastics. The chemical resistance and the mechanical strength and durability of these products (from -190°C to +250°C) makes them highly suitable for use in a number of manufacturing areas.  Böhme product range includes:

Teflon foils for uPVC profile welding (PFTE release sheets)

In particular Expert Blue, Expert Grip and Superior Green - which are high durability teflon sheets for uPVC profile welding 

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Raclette scraper for teflon foil cleaning

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Teflon coated fabrics

Teflon films

Teflon conveyor belts, welding belts and open mesh

Teflon baking sheets - reusable

Teflon thread gasket strip

Semi-teflon products

Teflon coatings